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AWA Newsletter Sept 28 20


March 2019


Here’s what we have been doing since our last newsletter in October 2018!

What have we accomplished?

  • We have registered the Armstrong Wetlands Association (AWA) as a Society. For clarity, we changed the name from the original Armstrong Wetlands Group.
  • We have developed the Society’s Terms of Reference and Governance documents encompassing our Vision and Mission statement and strategy for protecting wetlands in Armstrong.
  • We requested a map of existing and potential wetlands in the City of Armstrong from the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) and received a set of maps in November 2018 that can be viewed here. A big thank you to the OBWB for these fabulous maps !!!
  • We have created a spreadsheet detailing all the wetlands within the City of Armstrong with ownership information.
  • We have been contacting land trusts and conservation organizations to let them know of our plans and to identify fundraising opportunities.
  • We initiated a grant application for the purpose of gathering historical information on wetlands within the City.  The application is on hold as the City’s Wetlands Master Plan is a work in progress which may be gathering the same data.  We have introduced ourselves to the City of Armstrong, outlined our vision to Council and confirmed that we would like to work collaboratively with them as much as possible.

What are our next steps?

  • We are continuing to contact land trusts and conservation organizations.
  • We are planning to send an introductory letter to all wetland owners introducing the AWA and providing information on conservation options for wetlands.
  • In order to ensure there is no duplication of work, we have put our mapping project on hold while the City works on its Wetlands Master Plan. We will wait till they have completed that before we proceed further with wetlands mapping.

What can you do ?

Help us build our community’s capacity to conserve wetlands in Armstrong! We are looking for volunteers who have expertise in the following areas:

  • Wetland conservation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Editing
  • Fundraising
  • Photography – we would love if you could email us your Armstrong wetland photos to use on our website.
  • Community Consultation
  • Communications
  • Real Estate

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