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Who Are We?

The Armstrong Wetlands Group (AWG) was formed in June 2018 by a small group of citizens with the mission of securing the remaining wetland areas in Armstrong for conservation. We believe in a collaborative and holistic approach to conservation and stewardship of the remaining wetland areas.

Whats Our Plan?

  • Getting organized! Our plan is to get a plan! Right now we are so newly formed we are just getting our ducks in a row in terms of refining our mission/vision and creating our Terms of Reference.
  • Building a contact list of local residents and partners interested in wetland conservation to keep everyone up to date on wetland action in Armstrong and to build capacity to achieve AWG’s mission.
  • Collecting information on the remaining wetland areas
  • Creating a strategy to prioritize the remaining wetlands for securement.
  • Connecting with landowners who currently own wetland areas to provide information on land conservation tools available to them.
  • Collaborating with local residents of all ages, wetland landowners, City of Armstrong, First Nations, Conservation Organizations, Land Trusts and others (still building this list).

What Can You Do?

Help us build our community’s capacity to conserve wetlands in Armstrong!  We are looking for volunteers who have expertise in the following areas:

  • Wetland conservation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Editing
  • Fundraising
  • Community consultation
  • Real Estate

Anyone can help the AWG by forwarding this newsletter to people who are interested in Armstrong’s wetlands. Our plan is to send out around four updates a year to this contact list.

The Armstrong Wetlands Group

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